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Hartley Primary School


Residential visits

You should try hard things in life because you might not have the chance again. - Year 6 pupil, Outward Bound 2020

I learnt to never give up and that if one person picks up a piece of rubbish it could change the world if others follow.  -Year 6 pupil, Outward Bound 2020

 100% of pupils attending the Year 6 Outward Bound would recommend it to other children and 98% reported feeling more confident and independent.

At Hartley we are proud of the residential visits we offer our pupils. We value these experiences highly and see them as important opportunities for the children to develop skills outside of the classroom in environments and activities that they might not otherwise encounter.

As we are so passionate about the children taking part, the school heavily subsides all residential visits with 50% of the costs covered for all pupils. Those pupils registered for Free School Meals will be subsidised further. We also ensure that payments can be spread over the academic year so parents can pay in instalments via Parentmail if they wish.

Our programme of residential experiences builds the challenge as children progress through Key Stage 2.

  • Year 4 Night of Adventure - 1 night here at Hartley led by Outdoor Education experts and supported by Hartley staff.
  • Year 5 Fairplay House - 2 nights at the Outdoor Education Centre near Maldon in Essex
  • Year 6 Outward Bound  - 4 nights at the Howtown Outward Bound Centre in the Lake District


Below are a few useful links to information that has been shared with participants of residential visits in the past so you can get an idea of what the children will do, what they will need to bring with them and how much it might cost.

Y6 Pupils - what to bring with you to the Lake District
Y6 Lake District information for parents and carers

Y5 Pupils - What to bring with you to Fairplay House
5 Fairplay House information for parents and carers

Y4 Letter to parents and carers - Night of Adventure
Y4 Night of Adventure information for parents and carers