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Hartley Primary School


Regular attendance and punctuality is essential for each child's educational development. If your child is unable to attend school for any reason, please inform the school on the first day of absence.

The national expectation for attendance and punctuality is 96%. If your child falls below that figure, they are regarded as having poor attendance and punctuality.  As a school, we sit just below the national average of 96% meaning a number of children fall well below that total. 

At Hartley, we do not authorise leave during term time. The school has adopted Newham’s fining policy for families with children who have poor attendance. It is extremely important that your child comes to school every day to ensure that they have every opportunity to enjoy and achieve at school. Poor attendance is a contributing factor to children not achieving expected standards in learning.

As parents, it is your duty to ensure your child reaches their full potential. Without good attendance, this is impossible to achieve. The attendance team work hard to track pupil attendance across the school and liaise with parents when concerns arise to minimise any impact on learning.

For further information about policy and procedures around attendance, please read the attendance policy by clicking the link below:

Hartley Primary School attendance policy


School Transport

Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children arrive at the school punctually each day.

Whether your child is entitled to a free travel pass depends on how far you and your child live from the school, not your income.

For primary schools, your child can get a pass if the shortest walking distance from home to school is more than two miles for children under eight or three miles for children over eight.

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